S6E8 – “Fade Into You”


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Join Krissi, Patick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Season 6, Fade Into You.  Caroline’s friendsgiving didn’t go as planned.  We learn so much more about the Gemini Coven.  Not only is Kai Jo’s twin but Liv and Luke are their siblings too!  Kai was sent to his prison for trying to kill Liv and Luke as children since they were supposed to be the next in line to lead the Gemini Coven.  Liv leaves the dinner abruptly and we learn that  she and Luke have tomerge their powers on their 22nd birthday as one will become the sole leader of the Coven while the other dies.  Tyler vows to keep Liv safe and hides her in Mystic Falls.

As Alaric, Damon and Stefan take a trip to Portland, OE in search of the ascendent, they run into Kai’s father.  Once he realizes Kai has the ascendent and Bennett witch on the other side, he does a spell to kill Jo.  He fears Kai will return and merge with Jo and become the Coven leader.

Liam got an eye and ear full at Thanksgiving dinner.  Caroline had to compel him after the Coven talk and then he watched Jo being tortured by her father through a spell AND then watched Elena turn into a vampire to save Jo.  Elena realizes as much as she likes Liam her life is too complicated to have a relationship with him, so she compels him to forget everything including that they ever dated.

Things look promising as Elena asks Damon to help save her best friend so Bonnie can help Elena through this crossroads in her life.  If anyone knows Damon’s true feels for Elena, it’s Bonnie.

Stefan is making a little progess with Caroline as he apologizes for pushing her away the most.  Caroline seemed happy with the apology but is still playing hard to get.

Letter Grades

Krissi – A
Patrick – A
Tawny – A

“Well Ric had more frequent flyer miles…and Ric didn’t deliberately forget our entire relationship.” – Damon

S6E7 – “Do You Remember the First Time?”


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 3.06.01 PMJoin Krissi, Patrick and Tawny for their discussion on The Vampire Diaries, “Do You Remember the First Time?”.  Damon has to put on the charm since Elena doesn’t remember  their relationship and has zero feelings for him now.  He tells her all their hot and romantic stories.  There was a glimmer of hope when Elena crossed the Mystic Falls town line to get her memories back.  It seemed like she got a few bits and pieces when she crossed over.

Things are still rocky with Caroline and Stefan but now that Enzo spilled the beans that she has a thing for Stefan, it seems to have peaked his interest.  He wants to know how and why and how the heck he missed it.  Unfortunately, he’s going to have to work pretty hard if he has any ounce of interest in having a relationship with Caroline.

Bonnie is very determined to keep Kai in 1994.  She sacrificed herself again (for the time being…she has to have a plan right??!!) so Kai couldn’t get back to the real world.  She sent Mrs. Cuddles instead and hid all of her magic inside of her childhood toy.  So glad Damon found her?/it in the graveyard and knew it was a sign Bonnie is still alive.

While Alaric and Jo keep getting cuter and cuter, she gives him a little bit more information about her troubled family and her past.  Her BROTHER tried to kill her by stabbing her in the spleen!  Hello, Kai’s sister!

Oh Enzo, again you had the best one liners with your bloody fingers and the touch screen, you spilled the beans on Caroline’s *thing* for Stefan, and gave Tripp a very unsuspecting death, job well done!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick – C+
Tawny – B+

“My fingers were covered in blood and the touch screen wouldn’t work!” – Enzo

S6E6 – The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get


Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 6, The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get. Damon is back and takes comfort with his Bourbon now that Elena is trying to avoid him. She is sticking to her own advice and tells Alaric she doesn’t want her memories back.

Jo confronts Elena and tells her she knows that her and Alaric are vampires. We find out she couldn’t be compelled because she’s a witch.

Trip is on the hunt for more vampires and he’s lead to Caroline who was at the top of Ivy’s call list on her phone. Instead of finding Caroline in her dorm room he captures Damon. Trip is driving Damon and Enzo towards the Mystic Falls town line. Caroline and Elena surround one town entrance while Alaric and Stefan surround the other. Alaric slows down the town line crossing process but Trip manages to take Damon, Enzo, and Alaric. Stefan risks his life by crossing into town and saves Damon and Enzo while Jo saves Alaric, like really saves him and now he’s human. Now, time will tell if Elena will fall for Damon all over again.

Letter Grades

Krissi- B
Patrick – C-
Tawny – B-

“A full mind erase, seriously?” – Damon

S6E5 – “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”


The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 6, The World Has Turned and Left Me Here. After seeing the episode title before the airing I was speculating who would be left behind in 1994 and hoping it would only be Kia, but of course Bon Bon sacrifices herself yet again for someone she cares about. We hope she’ll work her magic and be back when we least expect it.

Letter Grades
Krissi – A+++
Patrick – A+
Tawny – A+++

So happy for Stefan now that his brother is back; maybe Caroline was right and this will mean we’ll get our old Stefan back. Things will get interesting now that Elena is cozying up to Liam, or was that kiss just to get him to stop focusing on her ability to heal the Lady Whitmore girl?

Alaric and Jo are super cute but things just got WAY more interesting since Alaric’s attempt to compel her out of their potential relationship didn’t work! Jo, who are you?! We can’t wait to find out!

Maybe the Liv and Tyler relationship will grow on us. The notoriously bitchy Liv saves Tyler from triggering his werewolf gene by killing his car crash victim before he died from his injuries. That was a selfless act that Tyler won’t let go unnoticed, so I think we’re going to definitely see this relationship get even more steamy!

And lastly, poor Ivy, she was full of one liners in this episode including the Buffy and Etsy shop references and seems to have the potential to fit in very well with the rest of our favorite vampires. We just hope her demise won’t be from the Trip Fell capture.

“You just turned our only hope of getting out of this place into a giant douche kabob”. – Damon

S6E4 – “Black Hole Sun”



Elena convinces Stefan to take her along to Savannah so she can make sure he’s really happy.  He takes her out to a local bar where they get all cutesy and put on a show for the bar folk: Stefan Cooper proposes to a pregnant Elena Williams.  All seemed great until we find out Stefan is really dealing with the loss of Damon in an unexpected way.  Stefan ends up telling Elena that she had her memories of Damon erased.  Elena takes her own advice and doesn’t have her memories restored just yet.

Jeremy feels resentment that Bonnie sacrificed herself to save all the others.  Alaric is trying to help him move on.

Damon feels remorse for his killing spree on May 10, 1994. He murdered his nephew’s pregnant girlfriend, Gail who turns out to be Sarah’s mother.  We learn that Kai is a really messed up guy and murdered his Coven.  The Gemini Coven banished him to the hell Bonnie and Damon are trapped in, it was created for Kai.  He can’t practice magic but he can consume magic from other witches and threatens to kill them if they don’t agree to take him along.

Trip Fell reveals his secret vampire prison to Matt.  He’s keeping Enzo there and wants to know who bit Sarah.

Ivy is back as a vampire, YAY!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick – C+
Tawny – B

“Is it more like hair or a grainy pellet?”  – Stefan

S6E3 – “Welcome to Paradise”


vdp welcome to paradise
Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss, The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 2 “Welcome to Paradise”. Stefan returns to Whitemore in search of Enzo and visits Elena at school. It’s no surprise that Elena is the happiest she’s been in a few years and gets everyone together for a swim party in her attempt of nostalgia since they all have seemed to grow apart over these last 4 months. We learn that Trip Fell has been training his town watch volunteers to be vampire hunters as Jay attempts to kill Stefan in the woods. Even though Enzo saved him, Stefan still wants him dead and leaves him debilated in Trip’s care so he can be driven across Mystic Falls town lines.

Back in the 90’s, Bonnie and Damon are grocery shopping and find further proof that they are not alone. Damon is hestitant to give into the idea, says he’s trapped in his own hell, and doesn’t share in Bonnie’s optimism that they’ll eventually get themselves out of there. We are introduced to Ky who seems even more of a douche bag than Jay the vampire hunter. Was it really his plan all along to torture Damon so Bonnie would regain her magic to get them all out?

The Steroline scenes were pretty harsh but at least Caroline has admitted her true feeling for Stefan and we’ll hang onto that for a while.

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick – C
Tawny – C-

Join us again next week, until then…

“Vroom Vroom Vroom” – Damon pretending to drive his car

S6E2 – Yellow Ledbetter


vdp enzo

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 2, Yellow Ledbetter. Elena and Alaric take a walk down memory lane while trying to pin point the exact moment she fell in love with Damon so her memories of loving him can be replaced. We get to see all those great scenes of the beginning stages of Delena love.

Caroline and Enzo find Stefan and confront him about abandoning his mission to find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back. That was the worst dinner date ever for Ivy and unfortunately her last. Enzo has made it his mission to bring misery to Stefan’s life every time he trys to settle into a new life.

Matt isn’t too keen on Jeremy getting cozy with Sarah. They find out she stole the car she came into town with and we find out that that leader of the town watch is part of the Fell founding family. Thomas (aka Trip) Fell is capturing vampires and driving them across Mystic Falls town line to kill them. Also, Jeremy is paying Bonnie’s phone bill and leaving her angry messages which is another interesting way he’s dealing with her death.

Bonnie and Damon are trapped in an empty Mystic Falls not only in the 90’s but they are on repeat….May 10, 1994. Bonnie finds her Grams grimoire and hopes she can reteach herself magic to undo the spell that put them there. After many pancakes, dance parties with Salt n’ Pepa and Pearl Jam, and crossword puzzles, they then realize they are not alone in the Salvatore house. Who do you think is shacking up with them? Leave us a voicemail, email feedback@vampirediariespodcast.com or share on our Facebook page!

Letter Grades

Krissi – A –
Patrick – A++
Tawny- B

“We’re all neck people here.”

S6E1 – “I’ll Remember”


TVD I'll Remember

Join Krissi, Patrick, Tawny and guest host Dwight as they discuss the Season 6 premiere of The Vampire Diaires, “I’ll Remember”.  It’s been 4 months and we see how the gang is dealing with the death of Bonnie and Damon.  Since Mystic Falls is still under the Traveler’s spell, Elena, Tyler, Liv, Luke and Alaric have taken up residency at Whitmore College and Alaric is now a professor.  Caroline is in pursuit to find a way to end the Mystic Falls spell.  Stefan went in search for a witch and ended up with a mechanics job, a new girlfriend, ultimately gives up on his search for the witch and comes to terms with his brother’s death thus moving on with his life.

Elena and Jeremy are in denial big time!  Elena deals with the loss by taking a hallucinogenic herb that lets her see Damon while she’s feeding on humans to the point where she’s almost killing them.  Jeremy deals with video games and a different girl every day.  Tyler is learning to cope with all his human rage and Caroline is trying to get through to Stefan since they need each other to get through the loss of Damon and Bonnie.  Alaric is struggling to acclimate to his resurrection as a vampire.  Elena calls upon him to compel her to forget Damon and her love for him.

We finally see Bonnie with real Damon in an alternate reality/universe maybe?  So we know they are OK wherever they are and hopefully they’re devising a plan to come back!!

We missed you TVD and so glad you’re back!

Letter Grades

Dwight – C
Krissi – A+
Patrick – B-
Tawny – A-

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#48 – Season 5 Recap &
Season 6 Preview


Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they recap The Vampire Diaries Season 5 and preview Season 6. We have broke through from the unknown of the other side and WE ARE BACK full force and ready to talk about The Vampire Diaries!

We discuss a brief summary of Season 5 going all the way back to the first episode. A lot happened in Mystic Falls and at Whitemore. We also preview Season 6 at the end of the podcast which may be a little spoilery for those who don’t like to watch previews or have any spoilers going into an episode (we give you warning). Like all fans we are giddy with anticipation for the new season to being on October 2nd!

Join us again next Friday morning as we talk about the Season 6 premiere!


photo courtesy of: https://tv.yahoo.com/photos/the-cw-the-vampire-diaries-season-6-1411770155-slideshow/

photo courtesy of: https://tv.yahoo.com/photos/the-cw-the-vampire-diaries-season-6-1411770155-slideshow/