S6E3 – “Welcome to Paradise”


vdp welcome to paradise
Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss, The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 2 “Welcome to Paradise”. Stefan returns to Whitemore in search of Enzo and visits Elena at school. It’s no surprise that Elena is the happiest she’s been in a few years and gets everyone together for a swim party in her attempt of nostalgia since they all have seemed to grow apart over these last 4 months. We learn that Trip Fell has been training his town watch volunteers to be vampire hunters as Jay attempts to kill Stefan in the woods. Even though Enzo saved him, Stefan still wants him dead and leaves him debilated in Trip’s care so he can be driven across Mystic Falls town lines.

Back in the 90’s, Bonnie and Damon are grocery shopping and find further proof that they are not alone. Damon is hestitant to give into the idea, says he’s trapped in his own hell, and doesn’t share in Bonnie’s optimism that they’ll eventually get themselves out of there. We are introduced to Ky who seems even more of a douche bag than Jay the vampire hunter. Was it really his plan all along to torture Damon so Bonnie would regain her magic to get them all out?

The Steroline scenes were pretty harsh but at least Caroline has admitted her true feeling for Stefan and we’ll hang onto that for a while.

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick – C
Tawny – C-

Join us again next week, until then…

“Vroom Vroom Vroom” – Damon pretending to drive his car

S6E2 – Yellow Ledbetter


vdp enzo

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 episode 2, Yellow Ledbetter. Elena and Alaric take a walk down memory lane while trying to pin point the exact moment she fell in love with Damon so her memories of loving him can be replaced. We get to see all those great scenes of the beginning stages of Delena love.

Caroline and Enzo find Stefan and confront him about abandoning his mission to find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back. That was the worst dinner date ever for Ivy and unfortunately her last. Enzo has made it his mission to bring misery to Stefan’s life every time he trys to settle into a new life.

Matt isn’t too keen on Jeremy getting cozy with Sarah. They find out she stole the car she came into town with and we find out that that leader of the town watch is part of the Fell founding family. Thomas (aka Trip) Fell is capturing vampires and driving them across Mystic Falls town line to kill them. Also, Jeremy is paying Bonnie’s phone bill and leaving her angry messages which is another interesting way he’s dealing with her death.

Bonnie and Damon are trapped in an empty Mystic Falls not only in the 90’s but they are on repeat….May 10, 1994. Bonnie finds her Grams grimoire and hopes she can reteach herself magic to undo the spell that put them there. After many pancakes, dance parties with Salt n’ Pepa and Pearl Jam, and crossword puzzles, they then realize they are not alone in the Salvatore house. Who do you think is shacking up with them? Leave us a voicemail, email feedback@vampirediariespodcast.com or share on our Facebook page!

Letter Grades

Krissi – A –
Patrick – A++
Tawny- B

“We’re all neck people here.”

S6E1 – “I’ll Remember”


TVD I'll Remember

Join Krissi, Patrick, Tawny and guest host Dwight as they discuss the Season 6 premiere of The Vampire Diaires, “I’ll Remember”.  It’s been 4 months and we see how the gang is dealing with the death of Bonnie and Damon.  Since Mystic Falls is still under the Traveler’s spell, Elena, Tyler, Liv, Luke and Alaric have taken up residency at Whitmore College and Alaric is now a professor.  Caroline is in pursuit to find a way to end the Mystic Falls spell.  Stefan went in search for a witch and ended up with a mechanics job, a new girlfriend, ultimately gives up on his search for the witch and comes to terms with his brother’s death thus moving on with his life.

Elena and Jeremy are in denial big time!  Elena deals with the loss by taking a hallucinogenic herb that lets her see Damon while she’s feeding on humans to the point where she’s almost killing them.  Jeremy deals with video games and a different girl every day.  Tyler is learning to cope with all his human rage and Caroline is trying to get through to Stefan since they need each other to get through the loss of Damon and Bonnie.  Alaric is struggling to acclimate to his resurrection as a vampire.  Elena calls upon him to compel her to forget Damon and her love for him.

We finally see Bonnie with real Damon in an alternate reality/universe maybe?  So we know they are OK wherever they are and hopefully they’re devising a plan to come back!!

We missed you TVD and so glad you’re back!

Letter Grades

Dwight – C
Krissi – A+
Patrick – B-
Tawny – A-

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#48 – Season 5 Recap &
Season 6 Preview


Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they recap The Vampire Diaries Season 5 and preview Season 6. We have broke through from the unknown of the other side and WE ARE BACK full force and ready to talk about The Vampire Diaries!

We discuss a brief summary of Season 5 going all the way back to the first episode. A lot happened in Mystic Falls and at Whitemore. We also preview Season 6 at the end of the podcast which may be a little spoilery for those who don’t like to watch previews or have any spoilers going into an episode (we give you warning). Like all fans we are giddy with anticipation for the new season to being on October 2nd!

Join us again next Friday morning as we talk about the Season 6 premiere!


photo courtesy of: https://tv.yahoo.com/photos/the-cw-the-vampire-diaries-season-6-1411770155-slideshow/

photo courtesy of: https://tv.yahoo.com/photos/the-cw-the-vampire-diaries-season-6-1411770155-slideshow/


“Home” – S5E22



Join Krissi, Patrick, Tawny and special guest host Dwight, as they talk The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale, Home. What an emotional ride! Damon/Elena, Bonnie/Grams, Bonnie/Jeremy…eyes were teary and lungs were low on oxygen! We share our thoughts on the episode and include listener emails, Facebook posts, and voicemails. Thanks to everyone who participated and joined our discussion. I think we all needed a little support getting through this one!

Letter Grades

Krissi – A–
Tawny- A+++++
Dwight- B+
Patrick – B

Please keep in touch with us during the summer break. We’ll be planning a predictions episode sometime this summer so please start sending in your predictions for Season 6. We want to include you! Will Bonnie and/or Damon survive? How will the rest of the Mystic Fall crew deal with the deaths of their two friends. Where will Elena, Caroline, and Stefan be at the beginning of the season? What will Alaric be up to? AND Enzo! No matter how much some of us thought this season dragged we’re highly anticipating the return of TVD this Fall.

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“Friendly advice, when you finally get the girl, don’t blow her up?” – Alaric

“Promised Land” – S5E21



Join the hosts as they discuss the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries, Promised Land. Only one more episode left and we have a lot more questions! Is Stefan really dead? Will Bonnie and Enzo save the other side from imploding? Will the travelers succeed in whatever they are trying to accomplish? We share our thoughts and include your feedback as well, feel free to join the conversation on our facebook page. Thanks to Rebecca, Natalie and Dwight for calling in and leaving voicemails! We love hearing from you!

Letter Grades
Krissi- A
Patrick – B+
Tawny – B

“You just described homeless people, aging hipsters, and Matt Donovan.” – Damon Salvatore

“What Lies Beneath” – S5E20


What Lies Beneath

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries “What Lies Beneath”.  Only two more episodes left in the season!  We discuss Enzo, The Traveler’s, Tyler/Julian and we can’t forget all the relationships issues between Caroline and Stefan and of course Damon and Elena.

We share voicemails from Dwight and from Jamie.  Share your thoughts and theories by clicking on our voicemail link directly on the website!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick- B+
Tawny – B+

“You and I and our ex-girlfriend are gonna go on a little secret trip.” – Damon

“Man on Fire” – S5E19


Man on Fire

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Man on Fire.  Only two more episodes left and so many questions to be answered!  Is Enzo really just getting started on his new vendetta and how will that play into the finale?  Markos is going to need a lot more doppelgänger blood if he thinks he’s going to remove all the magic from the vampires and witches assuming that his is end game.  We’re curious to see how Stefan, Elena and the rest of the team will take on Markos and the travelers.  Let us know what you think and leave us a voicemail directly from the website!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B
Patrick – C
Tawny – B

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Enzo, you have your murder voice on!” – Damon

“Resident Evil” – S5E18


We apologize we are a week behind due to technical issues.  Good news….you get two podcasts in one week!  


Join us for our discussion of The Vampire Diaries, Resident Evil.  Seeing Stefan and Elena so happy in their fantasy world sort of left me feeling sad since we really haven’t seen either of them that happy in a very long time.  It was sort of a throwback to the good old days when Elena and Stefan first met.  As an original Stelena fan, this brought back good memories of the two of them and I was sort of hoping the amazing fantasy life would draw them closer together now in present day.  Our love for Enzo’s one liners is never ending and they only get better with every episode.

What is happening with “the other side” and the people there?!  Call me crazy, but Vickie’s exit looked very similar to the way Katherine exited the church.  Is Markos really the universe and the other side is unraveling?  We share our theories on what we think is going to happen the rest of the season.

Congrats to Paul Wesley on directing this episode of The Vampire Diaries!  Those fantasy scenes were spot on!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+

Patrick – C+

Tawny – A

“Break out the popcorn blondie, this little sex romp isn’t’ over yet!” – Enzo