“The Devil Inside” – S5E12



Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss, The Vampire Diaries, The Devil Inside.  On this episode of the podcast we talk about our favorite and least favorite aspects of the 12th episode of the season.

Letter Grades:

Krissi: C
Patrick: C-
Tawny: B-

Katherine plays Elena once again!  Even though we didn’t think she did that great of a job (since Elena was pretty soft on Katherine on multiple occasions) she pulled off tricking both Salvatore brothers, found her own dead body and traveler Mia completed the spell to seal her inside Elena’s body.

Damon is back to his bad boy ways.  After pouring out his feelings about needing to be with Elena since she is the greatest influence in his life,  Katherine acting as Elena tells him it’s over between the two of them.  Enzo takes Damon back as his BFF and they are well on their way to many human feasts.  Is anyone excited to see a little glimmer of Damon Salvatore from Season 1?

Caroline confides in “Elena” about Klaus and Katherine takes it upon herself to make sure that Tyler overhears the conversation that she slept with his nemesis.  The news doesn’t settle well with Tyler and he starts to literally turn on Caroline as Stefan steps in to protect her.

How long do you think Katherine will be able to pull off being Elena Gilbert?  And where the heck is Bonnie to tell everyone that Katherine didn’t pass through her body?!

“So this is what it’s come to?  You brought me love advice from Prudy Trudy?”

Thanks to our listener Lindsay for sharing this awesome Nina gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45ZUtoLl6k8&feature=youtu.be

“500 Years of Solitude” – S5E11



Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny for their discussion of The Vampire Diaries, 100th episodoe, 500 years of solitude, Season 5 episode 11. We talk about our love of bringing back many of our favorite TVD characters, Klaus and Caroline (finally!), and Katherine Pierce finally being selfless come to find out she was maybe faking the whole time. We know she’s so good acting and especially acting like Elena.

Episode Letter Grades

Krissi: A-
Patrick: B-
Tawny: A

This episode was jam packed with familiar faces returning to the TVD set for their 100th episode celebration. Vickie, Jenna and Uncle John made their way back as did The Originals. We were really happy to get a little more of Alaric again, although we did noticeably miss Lexi!

We really liked how “500 Years of Solitude” gave us a little insight to what is going on inside Katherine’s head in her final moments. The flashbacks to her past with her parents brutal murder and her first encounter with Stefan humanize Katherine in a way that hasn’t necessarily been done before. These scenes give us more insight of her true feelings and regrets looking back over her life on her death bed.

The biggest surprise of “500 Years of Solitude” was KLAROLINE! Awesome! Finally! Great wilderness sex scene! Whoa! Enough said! Sort of disappointed in Tyler’s return later in the show, but we all knew that was inevitable and now that Caroline has had a taste of a real hybrid maybe she’ll move on to bigger and better things. New Orleans in her future?

Stefan encourages both Elena and Damon not to give up on each other. I really like that Stefan is playing this role and moving on and away from the love triangle. Although, now that Katherine is a passenger in Elena’s body I’m sure she’ll stir up trouble between the Salvatore brothers. She’s so good at that!

“I’ll save it for the funeral that we probably won’t have for you.” – Elena

“Fifty Shades of Grayson” – S5E10



Join Patrick, Krissi, and Tawny as they discuss the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries, Fifty Shades of Grayson. We express our disappointment on so many levels! Damon and Elena, the thought of Katherine becoming a traveler, and we definitely hyped this Grayson plot line. We really thought the CW was going to take us for a ride with this one. Oh well, maybe something bigger is in store for us in the second half of Season 5!

We wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season! We’ll be back next month to discuss the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries and hope that Katherine is miraculously cured!

“What does someone have to go through to get a little redemption around here?” – Katherine

“The Cell” – S5E9


vdp the cell 2

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode entitled, The Cell.  We learn more about Damon’s stay at Whitmore as an Augustine Vampire and how he survived his time there and how he escaped.  Aaron is revealed as the sole heir of the Whitemore family and learns of the Augustine research.  Elena finds herself captured by Dr. Maxfield.  Stefan and Katherine’s connection continues to grow and we have to admit, this makes us giddy!

“Dead Man on Campus” – S5E8



Join Krissi, Patrick, and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries Season 5, episode 8, Dead Man on Campus.

Bonnie is back in full fledged anchor mode and joined Whitmore college with Elena and Caroline. Katherine and Stefan get a lot of screen time together and we see their hate-filled relationship starting to turn around.  Matt is relieved of Gregor and Nadia is upset with her selfish mother.   Jesse is rescued but it doesn’t end well for him.  Damon is an Augustine Vampire?!

“I’m not the greatest guy in the world, but it sounds like some mengele level of crap you’re spouting out, so I gotta ask, what’s your greater good?” – Damon

Death and the Maiden – S5E7


Death and the Maiden

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Death and the Maiden. Is this really the end for Silas, Amara, and Qetsiyah? We have mixed emotions about the departure of our beloved doppelgängers but can’t mourn for too long as we’re wondering if maybe we will see some Silas and/or Qetsiyah interaction with Bonnie now that she is the anchor. Although, we’re sad Amara’s character didn’t develop a little more we’re glad she’s finally at peace after 2000 years of torture. We discuss Katherine brutally pushing Nadia away and speculate whether or not we’re going to see the Damon, Elena, Stefan love triangle back in full swing. Bonnie is back!!! Yay! We’re excited to see Bonnie and Jeremy’s story lines expand into something other than ghost whisperer and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them at Whitmore College.

“Unbelievable, love is so damn fickle!”

“Monster’s Ball” – S5E5



Join Krissi and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries episode entitled, Monster’s Ball. We talk Nadia and Katherine, Damon’s deal with Silas, The Anchor and Tessa, Caroline and Tyler’s break-up (good riddance!), and Katherine’s second human death.

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“You can have your brown eyed bitch of a cure when I’m done with her!”