“Home” – S5E22



Join Krissi, Patrick, Tawny and special guest host Dwight, as they talk The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale, Home. What an emotional ride! Damon/Elena, Bonnie/Grams, Bonnie/Jeremy…eyes were teary and lungs were low on oxygen! We share our thoughts on the episode and include listener emails, Facebook posts, and voicemails. Thanks to everyone who participated and joined our discussion. I think we all needed a little support getting through this one!

Letter Grades

Krissi – A–
Tawny- A+++++
Dwight- B+
Patrick – B

Please keep in touch with us during the summer break. We’ll be planning a predictions episode sometime this summer so please start sending in your predictions for Season 6. We want to include you! Will Bonnie and/or Damon survive? How will the rest of the Mystic Fall crew deal with the deaths of their two friends. Where will Elena, Caroline, and Stefan be at the beginning of the season? What will Alaric be up to? AND Enzo! No matter how much some of us thought this season dragged we’re highly anticipating the return of TVD this Fall.

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“Friendly advice, when you finally get the girl, don’t blow her up?” – Alaric

“Promised Land” – S5E21



Join the hosts as they discuss the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries, Promised Land. Only one more episode left and we have a lot more questions! Is Stefan really dead? Will Bonnie and Enzo save the other side from imploding? Will the travelers succeed in whatever they are trying to accomplish? We share our thoughts and include your feedback as well, feel free to join the conversation on our facebook page. Thanks to Rebecca, Natalie and Dwight for calling in and leaving voicemails! We love hearing from you!

Letter Grades
Krissi- A
Patrick – B+
Tawny – B

“You just described homeless people, aging hipsters, and Matt Donovan.” – Damon Salvatore

“What Lies Beneath” – S5E20


What Lies Beneath

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries “What Lies Beneath”.  Only two more episodes left in the season!  We discuss Enzo, The Traveler’s, Tyler/Julian and we can’t forget all the relationships issues between Caroline and Stefan and of course Damon and Elena.

We share voicemails from Dwight and from Jamie.  Share your thoughts and theories by clicking on our voicemail link directly on the website!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+
Patrick- B+
Tawny – B+

“You and I and our ex-girlfriend are gonna go on a little secret trip.” – Damon

“Man on Fire” – S5E19


Man on Fire

Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Man on Fire.  Only two more episodes left and so many questions to be answered!  Is Enzo really just getting started on his new vendetta and how will that play into the finale?  Markos is going to need a lot more doppelgänger blood if he thinks he’s going to remove all the magic from the vampires and witches assuming that his is end game.  We’re curious to see how Stefan, Elena and the rest of the team will take on Markos and the travelers.  Let us know what you think and leave us a voicemail directly from the website!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B
Patrick – C
Tawny – B

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Enzo, you have your murder voice on!” – Damon

“Resident Evil” – S5E18


We apologize we are a week behind due to technical issues.  Good news….you get two podcasts in one week!  


Join us for our discussion of The Vampire Diaries, Resident Evil.  Seeing Stefan and Elena so happy in their fantasy world sort of left me feeling sad since we really haven’t seen either of them that happy in a very long time.  It was sort of a throwback to the good old days when Elena and Stefan first met.  As an original Stelena fan, this brought back good memories of the two of them and I was sort of hoping the amazing fantasy life would draw them closer together now in present day.  Our love for Enzo’s one liners is never ending and they only get better with every episode.

What is happening with “the other side” and the people there?!  Call me crazy, but Vickie’s exit looked very similar to the way Katherine exited the church.  Is Markos really the universe and the other side is unraveling?  We share our theories on what we think is going to happen the rest of the season.

Congrats to Paul Wesley on directing this episode of The Vampire Diaries!  Those fantasy scenes were spot on!

Letter Grades

Krissi – B+

Patrick – C+

Tawny – A

“Break out the popcorn blondie, this little sex romp isn’t’ over yet!” – Enzo

“Rescue Me” – S5E17




Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Rescue Me. On this week’s podcast we talk about how things are finally looking up in Mystic Falls. We find out what Liv and Luke are up too, while Caroline and Enzo are in Atlanta killing witches with door knobs (of course Enzo is the only “murderous vampire”) and trying to find Stefan’s doppelgänger. Damon and Elena get a little steamy post break-up at Jeremy’s parent teacher conference only to have the day of playful Damon end on possibly the final goodbye? The traveler’s summon their fearless leader, Marcos, and we’re excited to see what happens next!

Thanks to Dwight, Josie, Jamie, Christopher, Melissa, Lindsay, and Amand for all providing us with their thoughts on this episode of The Vampire Diaries. We share their emails, voicemails, and feedback from our facebook page. Thanks so much for interacting with us, we LOVE it!


“While You Were Sleeping” – S5E16



Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, While You Were Sleeping. Overall, the hosts initial reactions to the episode were a mixed bag. We liked some of the newer aspects of the show but weren’t completely thrilled with the direction of the episode. We’re curious to see where this will all lead us next week.

Letter Grades
Krissi – B
Patrick – C+
Tawny – B+

We all love hearing what Dwight has to say as he’s so great with his show summaries and seems to be in tune with the majority of the viewers! So we thought we’d share his thoughts in it’s entirety here.

Dwight’s Vampire Diary

“My letter grade for this episode is a B-

I liked this episode more than the last few but that’s like saying the
plane is no longer heading toward that mountain, we’re just in a
tailspin. The show has stabilized somewhat with it’s glimpses of plots
to come. I liked that the travelers were back, but not what they were
doing. I really don’t want there to be more doppelgangers out there.
It just reminds us all of the Silas storyline and trust me that’s the
last thing the writers want to do.

So Stefan’s other doppelganger is a paramedic and Caroline and Enzo
(once again why is he still alive?) are going to kill him because
apparently doppelgangers are just like Highlander, There can be only
one. I’m sure that 90’s reference went over about 90% of the listeners
heads. For I am the king of obscure pop culture references of old. But
really are they actually gonna kill this guy? In cold blood? For the
Travelers and you don’t even know why? Since when is this something
Caroline goes along with? I know she was trying to save Stefan but
still. I’m worried that they have Caroline going along with this but
I’m gonna hold out judgement until I see how this plays out.

I love the plot contrivance in this story where right before Wes died
he made an antidote. Why? If his goal was to wipe out the Vampires
then why make a easy way to reverse his sure fire weapon? Makes no

I’m already annoyed with the witch and her brother. I don’t know what
it is but I started to not like her character when she was hitting on
Jeremy. Now they have some sweeping clandestine plot. I just don’t

I could’ve done without all of the flashbacks. We get it your friends
are idiots for not knowing it wasn’t you. The audience as a whole has
been screaming that at their screens ever since Katherine’s excursion
into Elena land. Hmm that sounded a bit dirty.(mind wanders to places
that most men dare not dream of…) Speaking of if we gotta have
doppelgangers let’s have one (or three) of Caroline. I know Patrick’s
on my side with that one. I feel like this has gone ever so slightly
off the rails. Annnd I’m back. I felt thoroughly bored during the
flashback/hallucination scenes. It felt like they were just there to
pad out the hour. They didn’t tell us anything that a 2 minute
conversation with Damon and Stefan couldn’t have.

As for Damon and Elena themselves I really need Elena to stop talking
about how bad Damon is and how she’s bending her morals to be with
him. When almost everyone on the show including the “good” characters
have killed from a handful to dozens to thousands of people then bad
becomes relative wouldn’t you agree? Elena is not the pure, naive,
human girl she once was. Well she’s still naive but the rest went out
the window long ago. You can’t keep acting like you don’t have blood
on your hands. She’s looking down on Damon from her moral high ground,
this from the girl who killed off an entire bloodline of vampires and
then the next week was just chillin at the prom, not a care in the
world. That whole Damon is corrupting her argument is one that needs
to stop.

TVD writers this season seem to really want to take characters and
revert them back to their earlier selves like with Damon for example,
thing is with all the character development that’s not possible
without it not making sense. So we have this schizophrenic Damon that
goes from lovable one liners to vicious at the drop of a hat and it
isn’t working.

Also why the hell was Katherine keeping a diary of everything she was
doing as Elena? And where was she keeping it? Once again not a lick of

There was a good amount of Stefan and Caroline being cute in this
episode which is always nice. There’s two people i’d willingly watch
make eyes at each other. Steroline4lyfe haha

All in all I liked this episode more than the last but with the low
quality of Season 5 that’s still deep in the hole. TVD Season 5 in
particular just seems aimless like it’s grasping at disparate ideas
that could be interesting if they chose a few and fleshed them out
properly, but the writing isn’t good enough to realize that potential.
I know deep right. I have my moments. Like last time I sign off hoping
that these plots ramp up into something entertaining enough to sustain
the back half of the 5th season. At least enough to make us forget
about the first half.”

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“Ah, right. Damon mentioned you tend to get a little judgy. He also mentioned you had a thing for accents” – Enzo.

“Gone Girl” – S5E15


Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they recap The Vampire Diaries, episode 15 of Season 5, Gone Girl.

Gone Girl

Letter Grades:
Krissi – A-
Patrick – B+
Tawny – B+

All in all, we liked this episode better than the last; however, we’re still unsure of the direction the writers will take us for the rest of this season.  Has Katherine really gone to hell?  (We can only hope!) Or will we see her again in the near future?  Did we trade the googly eyed Katherine over Stefan for just more of the same with Elena and Damon?  (We hope not!) Just as we were really starting to like Nadia she was taken from us too soon. Poor Matty Blue Eyes but thanks to him he’s going to do right by Nadia and give her a proper burial.   Go CARE for calling out your emotionless ex boyfriend.  No more guilt!

We share listener feedback from Melissa and Dwight.  We want to know what you think of the show and what are you excited to see in the coming episodes of Season 5?  Leave us a voicemail directly from the site!

We end the podcast on an optimistic note thanks to the perfect words from our dear friend Dwight “Here’s to the second half of TVD’s 5th season blowing our collective minds.”

“No Exit” – S5E14



Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries episode “No Exit”. This is the perfect title for this episode. I felt like there was no way out of these torturous Stefan and Katherine scenes. I’d much rather be left with bloody head rolling Damon scenes then be subjected to annoying giddy Katherine. Once upon a time, I may have been cool with the idea of Stefan and Katherine as an item; however, now we are so far passed that and Katherine posing as Elena trying to seduce Stefan is just simply desperate!

Episode Letter Grades
Krissi – B-
Patrick – B
Tawny – C

As you can tell from our letter grades, we are ready to move onto the next chapter. Although, I think most are over Katherine these days, we did like some aspects of this episode. Enzo is growing on us again AND the Matt/Nadia chemistry was pretty hot even if it only lasted less than a minute.

“I’m not going to syrup you to death!”

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” – S5E13



Join Krissi, Patrick and Tawny as they discuss The Vampire Diaries, Total Eclipse of the Heart.  We share our thoughts on the episode as well as share written feedback from Dwight and we also received a voicemail from Raymond!

Our friend Dwight put it best, this episode was sort of a “mixed bag”.  There is a lot going on in Mystic Falls and at Whitmore.  Damon and Enzo threatening Bonnie and Jeremy, Jeremy actually sort of getting killed AGAIN.  We have Katherine still fooling all of Elena’s friends which is starting to get real annoying especially her attempts to get Stefan back.  Even if you are a Stelena fan, I’m not sure you really want Stefan falling for Katherine Elena right?!

The travelers and now backing Wes in exchange for him to analyzing some blood, possibly the doppleganger blood?  We have a new witch AND a new vampire blood craving Damon. Oh Damon, when are you going to get back to your not so normal self that we all grew to love?  We sort of liked the bad boy Damon for 5 seconds until you killed Aaron, took Jeremy as a hostage and then made that guys head roll.  Please come back to us soon!

“Cool and then me and all her dopplegangers can start a baseball team on the other side.” – Damon